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Yeah, but what about a seriously stubborn dog?


Houdini dogs need to keep their little butts at home and I’m ready to pull my hair out.

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Pl-pllease hellllp. Multipass.

I’m looking for actual real life experiences with this “stubborn dog” collar.  Because guess what. I’ve got a stubborn dog.

Long story short, I have 2 older dogs (10 & 15) who spent a good chunk of their formative years free ranging in the boonies of Halifax. As such, they were never house trained. Fast forward to the family moving to a city-ish type place in a residential area where the dogs totally can NOT run free. Dogs are placed in an outside pen until a better situation can be created for them. Fencing in the yard is a 2 grand ordeal at best and we’ve got 2 kids and 3 cats in addition to the 2 dogs. 2 of the cats require special food, 1 of which gets 2 meds and a supplement twice a day. Oh yeah, and 1 of the dogs also gets meds twice a day. So…life keeps happening and we haven’t been able to do the fence yet. (Literally spent over $1500 on one of the cats since May.)

The previous owners of the house had an underground fence already installed. Great, right? Nope.

Silly old dog
Charlie is the older dog, a Beagle/Jack Russel mix. He caught on IMMEDIATELY. Pain = get your butt back and stay there.Malachai mutt

Malachai was a whole different story. He’s a big, stupid, happy mutt with seriously thick fur. He would stand ON the boundary line getting zapped and not budge.  I tried the collar tighter. I tried using the longer prongs. I tried shaving a patch on the underside of his neck. Nothing doing.


Plan B

Ok so that didn’t work. Didn’t have the money to fence in the yard, but I knew I had to do something. Added on deer fencing to their pen so they could have more space to move, trees, underbrush to play in and a storage shed they could get under. Took bloody forever, but the end result was happier dogs and a happier me. They had room to run and roll around and awesome shade and the world was a better place. It was great for about 3 months.

And then they got out.

The Neverending Stooooorrryyyyyy

Took them a while, but they found a weak spot in the fence at the building and escaped. So I fixed it. And they escaped. So I modified it. And they escaped. You get the point.

So ok, back into the original pen they go while I try to figure out how to remedy this situation. And they escaped. SERIOUSLY?!?

Plan 73

This has been my life for about 6 months now. Me trying to figure out how to keep them safe while they try to figure out how to send me to an early grave. The good news is that I’ve met quite a few very nice neighbors when my little brats show up at their houses wagging their little aggravating tails.

Double troubleThe ONE cute thing is that they almost always stay together when they get out. One of the few occasions I got Malachai back and not Charlie was actually pretty funny. I went out to make sure Malachai was still in the pen before getting into the car to go put up flyers for Charlie. When I got out to the pen, Charlie had snuck INTO the pen and was laying in there asleep. Rotten dog.

I’m totally at my wit’s end here. I’m ready to give the underground fence another try with the Stubborn Dog collar (after replacing the wiring because it’s been damaged somewhere along the line) but I’d love to hear someone’s story that it really worked on their stubborn dog. I don’t want this to be like one of those “7 Easy Ways to Get Your Picky Eater to Love Foie Grois” or some other such nonsense.

Anyone? Anyone? Beuller?

2 thoughts on “Yeah, but what about a seriously stubborn dog?

  1. Have you thought about a stiff, in the ground tether or an above ground cable tether? the only drawback is, the dogs have to be kept separate enough to not tangle up in each other…..And they really have difficulty getting out. Oh, that and you have to walk them to the tether too…

  2. Yes, thought about it and didn’t do it for allll the reasons you just mentioned. They’d hang themselves in a hot minute.

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