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Crazy people don’t know they’re crazy

It’s true. Crazy people don’t know they’re crazy. Kind of like how dumb people don’t usually know they’re dumb.

I want to start off by saying I’m not sharing this because I want praise or anything.  This was legitimately a case of the right person being in the right place at the right time to be able to help. That’s all. I got my praise in the form of a thank you and a warm fuzzy glow; I’m set.

So I’m talking to a resident in the office today and we hear what I at first thought was screeching tires. We looked at each other with the universal “what the hell was that?” face.  He headed to the door to look out and we heard the noise again. This time, I was pretty sure that it wasn’t tires; we were hearing a person screaming. Like full on, from the gut, primal screams. I grabbed the phone to call 911 if needed and headed around to the door to see what was up.

Long story short, I helped.  A girl was having a super hard time, she obviously had mental issues, and she was in breakdown mode.  I approached her, calmed her down and made some calls for her. Again, I don’t want accolades. I’ve been the crying girl in the parking lot before and it’s a crap place to be.

My point is this: whoever you are, if you are reading this, you can help someone. You SHOULD help someone. I’m disgusted by the fact that more people record incidents with their cell phones instead of at least trying to help. Yeah, some situations call for you to keep your ass in the sidelines, but you still don’t need to be a butthead about it.

“Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.”
Dalai Lama
^^^good guy dalai

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