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ADHD rant – this is why I hate people

You know what really grinds my gears?  People who have no kids having “opinions” about parenting.  Also, people who have no medical training AT ALL giving medical advice.  Stop it already, geez.

See, here’s the thing.  There’s this pretty little blonde girl on Youtube spouting off about ADHD and how it isn’t real and giving your kids medicine is evil.  Good job drawing in the crowds with your boobs, btw.

This is the “dear fat people” idiot. She’s a “comedian” LULZ

To paraphrase: medicating your kids for ADHD is lazy parenting and turns kids into obedient little zombies. It’s basically giving them speed for no reason at all.  Mainly because ADHD isn’t real.

Awww…you’re cute.

Meanwhile, on Earth…

Let’s start with, what I feel, is the most important little clarification that needs to be made. Not real, huh? That’s why people with ADD and ADHD have a different brain structure than neurotypical individuals, yeah? I would go into further detail, but you’re all capable of clicking a link and reading so have at it. I’m too busy being angry at this point to explain science. Also, I’m not a damn scientist, so it’s really not my place, is it? IS IT?!?!

Since when are zombies on speed?

I’ll admit that I’ve fallen off on TWD. I haven’t been following the latest season, but the last episode I watched, zombies are pretty derrrrrrrrr. So I guess that’s the zombie reference this slunt is going for, right? Ok, cool.

If you are giving your child medicine and it is turning him or her into a zombie, you’re not doing it right. There are lots of different options as far as the type of medication to use, how it is released, what dosage to use, etc. It’s a trial and error process and it blows.

Oh but wait, what was that? We’re giving the babies speed, you say? Zombies on speed. Huh. That’s some seriously funny, pretty ugly, jumbo shrimp nonsense right there. This chick is clearly confused. Because oxymorons.

Because that’s what us lazy parents want to give our already bouncing off the walls children. ‘Here, baby. I know you can’t sit still for 10 seconds, but here’s a little bump for you. Have fun!’ Friggin come on. Make up your mind, lady.

Half ton mom suffocates child in cleavage

Speaking of lazy parenting, does this wench have the slightest idea how mentally and physically EXHAUSTING it is to parent a kid at all, let alone one who is atypical in any way? Not bloody likely. So she wouldn’t have any idea of our lives that have been different pretty much since my daughter’s birth: the constant redirecting and explaining that is part of our daily life. The tears on both our parts when no matter how hard she tries (and you can totally tell when she’s trying) to be “normal”, it’s just not happening. Knowing my child is constantly struggling is more painful than anything I’ve ever known. We couldn’t make it better through counseling, play therapy or extracurricular activities to get out excess energy.

So yeah, I guess I am pretty lazy. The process of getting her a day counselor for school was a months-long ordeal that consisted of at least a dozen trips to a local behavioral facility. We go routinely to check in with her case manager. I take her to the doctor more often than average kids because we monitor her weight and vitals to make sure she’s on the right track. I meet with her teachers and counselors regularly. All things that I do from my couch, in my robe, with curlers in my hair and a cigarette hanging from my mouth. Totes.

But the pusher don’t care if you live or if you die

I will give her credit for being on the money for one thing. God damn the pusher man. Steppenwolf was right all along, waaaay before their time. Doctors are way too trigger happy with that little prescription pad and there are entirely too many kids being on meds who shouldn’t be. I didn’t want to give my kid drugs. I tried everything else first. We tried. Thing is, there are people who actually benefit from taking meds. My daughter is one. I’m another.

Triggered much?

Not really. I’m about as triggered by this as I would be if I saw some little piece of trash wearing 3 pounds of makeup trying to convince people of anything that I felt was dangerous. Like…I dunno, maybe how drunk driving is good for you. Or maybe how elderly Latino women are all really space monsters and should be killed on sight. You know, shit that might cause problems if you buy into it.

Except this is a little bit more personal for me because I live with depression (a real thing) and my husband lives with ADD (a real thing) and my daughter lives with ADHD (a real thing). Yeah, we hit the jackpot, I know.

And while I typically lean more towards the side of building other women up instead of tearing them down, I can’t do it in this case. This little heifer is being irresponsible, insensitive and callous. Simply put, she’s being a shitty human. And I refuse to support that.

Now HERE is an adorable blondie that I will support the crap out of. And she’s considerably hotter.

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