4/ioG-0V_zQItdjFSC4odgA6e449QdP84Mr4TsyKpjOEE April the Giraffe is FINALLY giving birth! ~ GINGER SNAPPED BACK

April the Giraffe is FINALLY giving birth!

I’m watching a giraffe walk around with hooves hanging out of her butt. Not exactly her butt, though. Best conversation ever just happened here:

Audri: She’s got feet coming out of her butt!
Me: Well, it’s not her butt. It’s technically her vagina, they’re just pretty close together.
Audri: Feet coming out of her vagina?!?!?
Me: Yeah, that’s how babies get out.
Lexi: Yeah.
Audri: Did Lexi come out of your vagina?
Me: Yep, most babies come out of mommy’s vagina to be born.
Audri: Lexi, did it fell all goopy?

DEAD! I’m dead to death. Ok, needed to get that one down for posterity.

And now I’m back to baby watch. 🙂

Also, we’ve said the word “vagina” waaaaay too many times for a Saturday morning before 8:30 😀

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