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Being a Stephen King fan is a nightmare


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I’ve loved Stephen King since I read IT at 12 years old. Yes, way too early but that was 25 years ago (holy God) so that ship has sailed. I’m trying really hard to not get my hopes up about the movie remake because Tim Curry absolutely WAS Pennywise, but the trailers look like they might have caught that creep factor even without him. We’ll see.

Steve (I call him Steve, we’re pals) has written something like 64546 books and short stories. “The Master of the Macabre” doesn’t get that title by writing fairy tales. His stories are often dark, twisted, and edge into the territory of downright brutal at times. The scary bits are only a fraction of what I love about his writing though. Way beyond shock factor, you get characters that you fall in love with. They’re real people in your head and when the book ends, you miss them.

The stories I’ve loved the most are the ones that could absolutely happen. Like Misery. Holy crap. If Tim Curry was Pennywise, Kathy Bates was the embodiment of Annie Wilkes. *Spoiler alert – if you haven’t seen or read Misery and have somehow never heard what happens, stop reading. Or skip ahead or whatever. But you’ve been warned. OH MY GOD that hobbling scene. Gut clenching. No, that’s cool. Just gimme a quick little glance at those mutilated legs and feet. Don’t worry, my brain will fill in the rest. Shit.

#1 fan

But I digress

So anyway…his books that creep me out the most, that my mind keeps coming back to, are the ones that have a good solid basis in real life scary shit. Like Misery. Like Cujo or The Stand or The Long Walk. That one was like having front row seats to an execution. I wanted to stop. I didn’t want to know how far that was going to go because it was entirely too real. I couldn’t stop though because I was IN the story, I was in the main character’s head. I haven’t touched that bad boy in years and it will still come to me out of nowhere – just that feeling of desperation and plodding and seriously just read the damn book.


The Stand Stephen KingThe Stand is the epitome of my version of a good scary story. It’s got everything; genuine characters, cataclysm, good guys, bad guys, and a pretty awesome mixture of reality and the supernatural. I love it. But the thing is, it could totally happen. Well, the first part of it anyway. *Spoiler alert again. I 100% believe there lies the potential for most of human life to be wiped out by a sickness. The flu virus changes every year, did you know that? It mutates and shifts and builds resistance and there’s no cure. Cool huh?

So this is pretty much constantly in my head. Not that the world is about to end, but that tragedy happens every day and there really is no protection from it. Illness, bullies, psycho crazy #1 fans, rabid dogs, clowns…I could do this all day. But I’m not. Because that would be morbid.

Scenario: my kid gets sick. Totally normal, everyday thing, right? Right. Except in MY mind, it’s probably the onset of the Superflu. Like right now, she’s laying beside me on the sofa, coughing her poor little head off while I’m helpless to do anything. She’s on antibiotics and has had Motrin and Robitussin, on day 4 of a fever, humidifier running, Baby Rub on her chest, cool washcloth on her head, and it breaks my heart to not be able to fix it. But instead of just worrying like a normal mom, I have to see the whole thing play out in my mind where she doesn’t get better and I’m grief stricken on the news talking about how it was only supposed to be an ear infection. It gets worse from there.

Friends to the end

You’d think I’d stop reading horror stories, right? You’d think I’d break up with ol’ Steve and stick to whatsherface with all the romance novels or comics or something. But no. Totally not going to happen. My brain does what it does and it’s going to go to those dark places, with or without guidance. Seeing as how that’s the case, I’d rather not go there alone. I’ll continue to bring Jack and  Mother Abigail and Carrie and Annie and Delores (Kathy Bates again) and Roland with me. Always Roland. <3

“Go then. There are other worlds than these.”

7 thoughts on “Being a Stephen King fan is a nightmare

  1. I loved this blog! And now I’m making a mental note to read to see if Robs mom has The Stand (she also loves Steve) so I can read it 🙂

    • YES!!! Do it! Also, check to see if she has Salems Lot. That one didn’t get nearly the acclaim it deserves.

      Thank you for reading, I love you. 🙂

  2. Ahh, the life of SK. My first was a short story called Christine and I’ve just about read everything since. Of course I’ve slowed down these past few year throwing in some other activities like work and music, but SK will always be my favorite overall storyteller. Good blog Gingerchick. 🙂

    • Thank you. 🙂 Christine is definitely one of my favorites. Have you read Doctor Sleep? It’s almost like a sequel to The Shining. But not. You know what I mean! Or not.

  3. I read Doctor Sleep. I loved it as a Sequel or I would have enjoyed it on it’s own as well. Have you read The Talisman…That is my favorite SK book along with the help of a friend. That and the follow up of Black house are my two definite favorites. And if you are a fan of The Stand, I would have to recommend Swansong by Robert R. McCammon. Similar story but focussed on a little girl over a group.

    • Yes! The Talisman is way up there on my favs list. I legit cried when Wolf died. I’m such a punk. 🙂

      And guess who is looking up Swansong right now… You only get 3 guesses and the first 2 don’t count.

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