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Lice suck – Calling them buggy eggies doesn’t make them cuter

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Hey, remember that time I was all “Berpa derpa derr, lice aren’t that bad, derpa derpa” and had no idea what I was talking about? Yeah, me too. Oh, to be young and naive again. So it was last month, whatever…

Friggin lice. I treated. Treated everyone in the house, although only the little’un had any sign of cooties. Nitpicked and nitpicked and nitpicked. Washed everything I could in hot water. Bagged the rest. Vacuumed. Retreated. The kid’s heads were checked by no less than 6 eyes each, my 2nd grader even being checked by the school nurse. Nothing. So up went my happy little post about having one less fear in life and moving past what I thought was a crisis situation with such ease.

Imagine my surprise when, out of nowhere, L starts scratching her head with a vengeance. I immediately checked her head, knowing EXACTLY what I was looking for this time. Nothing. Ok, so it’s probably just some kind of sensitivity to all the crap these poor kids have had in their hair, right? Of course.

Bloody. Friggin. Hell.

Later that (very same!) day, I checked out the nape of L’s neck again. Shit. Little red spots, just like before. Shit, shit, shit. My stomach dropped to my knees, my head started itching, and we headed for the tub. Again. Shit.

We had some leftover creme rinse from the last time, so I went ahead and slathered her up. As I was putting the goop in her hair, there was a full grown louse. Just prancing along in my daughter’s head like it had every right to be there. I grabbed that presumptuous little bug, cut it (him? her?) in half with my fingernail and flushed the little shit.

Deja vu all over again

Instead of boring you with the whole litany, suffice it to say that we went through the whole shebang again. Only this time, there was considerably more anger. And hopefully, a better treatment with a better outcome!

After several friends suggested it, I got some Lice Freee! spray to try. So far, so good. It’s not full of chemicals like the other stuff, which was a huge plus. After hearing the horror stories of friends who fought this mess for as long as a year, I wasn’t keen on repeatedly putting pesticides on my kids’ heads. Lice Freee smells like black licorice, which is a pro and a con in my house. I loathe black licorice so it smells like a nightmare to me, but I guess candy isn’t the worst thing in the world for your hair to smell like.

Now we each have our own (color coded) brush, the girls have individually labeled towel racks (and by “towel racks”, I mean “removable wall hooks“), their own hair clips, and a strict rule of NO SHARING.

Quality lice time

Oh yeah, and I have cooties too this time. My husband pulled something like 84528046 nits out of my hair last night.  Good stuff. The family that nitpicks together, stays together. Or some crap like that.

Image by Gilles San Martin is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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