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The #1 Reason Why I Absolutely Cannot Vote for Trump

Unfortunately...the debate
The presidential election is only two days away.  My guess is that if you’re reading this, you’ve already decided how you’re going to cast your ballot.  I don’t think for one second that I’m going to change anyone’s mind here.  I only want the people that I know and love who are passionately pro-Trump to understand why they’re confusing the shit out of me.

If you hate Hillary Clinton, I get it.  I promise.  The top reason for hating her that I’ve heard from the Trump Train folks is that she’s a murderer.  Ok.  Not defending or disagreeing, just stating a fact.  The other big one is that she’s corrupt and a liar.  Ok.  The phrase “crooked as a politician” didn’t come out of nowhere.  Trump also lies.  Our government as a whole is a lying machine.  It sucks, but that’s the reality.  Compare Clinton to the mafia, whatever.  Just hang on and bear with me for just a little bit, ok?

These are NOT the reasons I can’t vote for Trump and don’t understand people who are:
1.  He’s a sexual predator.  By his own admission.
2.  He has absolutely no experience.  None.
3.  He wants to bang his daughter.  I mean, if she weren’t his daughter…
4.  He’s a sexist and a misogynist who has made many MANY negative remarks about women, either referring to a specific individual or making blanket statements about all women.
5.  He can’t form a coherent sentence and sounds like a cokehead.

That’s enough.  Again, those aren’t reasons why I can’t vote for him.

The reason is that he encourages violence.  It’s almost like he’s giving people permission to act on their hatred of others.

Trump has been specifically referenced in recent overt acts of racism, sexism, and xenophobism.  His campaign has directly promoted violence.  He not so subtly alluded to Hillary Clinton being assassinated.  He’s gotten a lot of nutjobs around the country all worked up and they are acting on their prejudices in growing numbers.

If you’re still reading, think about it this way.  Both candidates suck.  This is completely ridiculous and we’re just being dragged along in this reality TV show of an election.  But…each candidate is one person.  One human who will hold the position of President.  One individual.

I’m not afraid of Donald Trump.  I think he’s a buffoon with terrible hair, but not dangerous on his own.  However, what has happened over the past few years is that he has grown a following.  Not only that, but a scary number of his supporters are using his campaign almost as a defense for them to be violent assholes.

So Clinton is a murderer.  That blows.  She’s not encouraging her supporters to be murderers.

Trump hates.  Trump encourages hatred.  Trump encourages violence.  That’s why I can’t vote for him.  It’s not any one thing he’s said or done in particular, it’s the way his Trumpers have taken the ball and ran with it.  And yes, that scares me.

If you disagree, I really REALLY want to talk to you.  Unless you’re going to use the words “libtard” or “sheeple”.  In that case, go away.

*One more time, not saying murder is ok.

Unfortunately…the debate” by KAZ Vorpal is licensed under CC BY 2.0

2 thoughts on “The #1 Reason Why I Absolutely Cannot Vote for Trump

  1. The most well articulated argument yet. Argument in the conversational sense while not promoting violence.
    I agree wholeheartedly with every reason you stated with violence trumping (;-)) them all.
    As a woman who has been on the receiving end of violent behavior by more than her share by men and having a daughter and granddaughters, I simply cannot fathom this pos as president.

    • Yeah, I’ve brought up the fact that I’m raising kids, I’m raising GIRLS, as a reason why I’ll never vote for that troll. I’ve gotten responses along the lines of – well, H.C. is going to…ummm…she’s a murderer. 🙁

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