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The Worst People on the Internet

Troll trolling

We’ve all been there.  You’re looking at a funny animal video and then WHAM!  Here comes Amy the Activist, ready to just ruin everyone’s day with her little “facts” and “statistics” about animal abuse or whatever she’s on about.  Ugh, literally the WORST people on the internet!  No, wait.  I’m not talking about Amy.  Amy’s right.  I’m talking about the other people throwing in their two cents in reply to Amy.

Kill yourself

Drink bleach

oh my god cant you just liek enjoiy the video i mean y people alwys gotta be so negastive
(^^^those kinds are my personal favorite)

Ok, so here’s Amy as the OP, who legitimately had something to say.  Yeah, maybe humans shouldn’t be using animals as comic relief if it results in harming the animal.  No, we really shouldn’t keep animals in cages and away from their home environments, their families, their lives.  Probably not the best idea to purposely breed pets who are really super totes adorbs, but who suffer from health problems as a result of their genetics.

But c’mon, Amy.  Why would you want to harsh everyone’s buzz like that?

Internet Trolling” by The People Speak! is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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