4/ioG-0V_zQItdjFSC4odgA6e449QdP84Mr4TsyKpjOEE Shaving vs Waxing ~ GINGER SNAPPED BACK

Shaving vs Waxing

I shaved yesterday for the first time in two years, give or take.  I immediately remembered why I haven’t shaved in about two years.  Holy painful shave bumps, Batman!  And the next day stubble was also pretty fun.  No, no it wasn’t.
And no, I didn’t look like a Wookie stepping into the shower.  I’ve been waxing exclusively, apparently for a long enough time to forget how completely God awful the act of shaving is.  The thing about waxing is that it’s expensive to have done in a salon.  To save money, I decided to try waxing at home.  And it went well.

Smooth move, ex lax.

No, no it didn’t.  Yes, that is a wax strip stuck in my hair.  And when I say stuck, I mean STUCK.  I can’t remember the entire story, but it involved persuading my boyfriend to wax my pits and accidentally rolling onto a ready to go wax strip.  Took daaaaayyyysss to get that mess out of my head.
Still better than shaving.

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