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My Attempt to Avoid Controversial Issues

This is real shit. These are real people. This is raw emotion and logic and violence and optimism and frustration and hope and fear and love all jumbled up.
You don’t want to watch the whole thing? You can’t make that much time in your life to witness something that matters? Real people with real lives, cops and looters, activists and rioters. No?
Go to 6:35 and watch. That’s somebody’s son. That is a “big, scary, black man” right there. That is a person. That is a human.
This free hugs guy is my new hero. This dude watched his community burn around him as a child in South Central LA. This man, this son, this father… He ain’t from here. He came across the country to risk his life to stand between cops with guns and angry mobs of folks that know the situation is bad and getting worse. Yeah, he has a camera on him but that doesn’t change the fact that he is TRYING. This man is TRYING with everything in him to make a bridge, to show respect, to recognize humanity, to reason and use words in the face of big emotion and keep everyone safe.
I am a white woman. Doesn’t matter what I wear, your first impression of me of going to be different than your first impression on meeting a black man. That shouldn’t happen! That can’t keep happening! FFS, we can’t keep on like this, we are going to END our species is we keep this shit up.
One person cannot fix this. I can’t fix it. Ken E. Nwadike, Jr. can’t fix it. I don’t know how to fix it. I don’t know what I’m on about. I doubt anyone has even read this to the end because I ramble and get in my own head and for some reason try to make people understand me when I don’t even understand me…
But, damn. Hug more, fight less. I mean, shit y’all.

2 thoughts on “My Attempt to Avoid Controversial Issues

  1. It’s so hard to have a peaceful resistance when you’re hurting , scared , and angry due to frustration. Much cred to those that stopped and listened and hugged. That the vid also captured both sides fairly was spot on. Yes, police need more training and they’re starting to receive it in some areas. Would I want their job ? Nope × 1000. I feel the frustration of the black man/woman. Don’t judge by skin. Period. Or by clothing, gender, sexual preference etc.
    The dude giving hugs? He gave more than that. He literally but himself in the middle of a potentially harmful situation to help difuse it. We must do the same.

    • YES! That he spoke to everyone involved was HUGE! The people running around with masks and breaking into places and causing chaos are definitely not going about making a positive change, but they ARE people.

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