4/ioG-0V_zQItdjFSC4odgA6e449QdP84Mr4TsyKpjOEE GINGER SNAPPED BACK ~ Yes. We are having spaghetti. Again.

I’m not crazy, I’ve been chosen by God

Hi again, I know it’s been a while but if being inconsistent counts as a form of consistency, then I’m wicked consistent. Sorry. Anyway, I was sitting in the Jeep this morning with the windows down (GORGEOUS morning btw) waiting to turn out of a parking lot onto the road. There was an older guy … Read more

If you could go back in time, would you kill Hitler?

I would. Right or wrong, I would put a pillow over baby Adolf’s face and squiiiiiiish. I read a post tonight on Facebook that finally got me from “I’m going to write a blog post about this” to “I’m currently writing a blog post about this”. This is insanity. This could be your mother, your … Read more

Dementia is like a slip n slide

I’m used to losing things and being scattered. I’ve often joked about my “early onset dementia” and how I won’t even know when I start losing my mind because I’m the frog in the pot of water coming to a boil. I’ve been all kinds of productive today. I’ve thrown away a TON of crap, … Read more

William Morva wasn’t just another murderer. He was my friend.

I don’t even know what to say. He was a friend. He wasn’t “crazy Will”. He wasn’t a monster. He was Willem. *No, that’s not real blood in the picture. It was Halloween. He was different, that’s very true.  But he was a sweet guy.  I never saw him mad, never saw him instigate anything. … Read more

Crazy people don’t know they’re crazy

It’s true. Crazy people don’t know they’re crazy. Kind of like how dumb people don’t usually know they’re dumb. I want to start off by saying I’m not sharing this because I want praise or anything.  This was legitimately a case of the right person being in the right place at the right time to … Read more

I’m seriously, you guys. I’m being super cereal right now.

I knew this was one of those limited time offer dealies, but I didn’t pay attention to the fact that it was for less than a week!  So umm…no pressure or anything but you should probably do this before midnight.  Unless you just enjoy paying more money for stuff.  Also, I found a list of … Read more

It’s like making money with Lularoe except infinitely better. And not at all like Lularoe.

I’m not a seller, you guys know that. It makes me feel icky. So you should know that if I’m telling you something is worth it, it’s TOTALLY worth it. And it’s not Lularoe. 🙂 Nothing wrong with Lula (I may or may not have an entire leggings section in my closet), but it’s a … Read more

Terrible Pictures of Awesome Food – Gluten free too!

I’m a pretty good cook. I’m not a pretty good food photographer. 🙂 You win some, you lose some. I think I’m going to make this a thing. Just embrace my crappy food photography skills while still sharing the incredible recipes I come across. So welcome to the first installment of Terrible Pictures of Awesome … Read more

ADHD rant – this is why I hate people

You know what really grinds my gears?  People who have no kids having “opinions” about parenting.  Also, people who have no medical training AT ALL giving medical advice.  Stop it already, geez. See, here’s the thing.  There’s this pretty little blonde girl on Youtube spouting off about ADHD and how it isn’t real and giving … Read more

Tiles, tiles, everywhere a tile

This post may contain affiliate links.  Translation: if you buy the cool stuff I’m linking you to, I receive a small percentage.  It all goes toward the ‘Help Mandi Keep Up With Her Ish” fund. Heyyyyyy, I think I love you. So what am I so afraid of? I’m afraid that I’m not sure of…how … Read more